Monday, February 02, 2009

MG Unicorn Gundam [Banshee]

Sorry to kill your excitement here, this one is just a mod by naowks ^^;

All images from naowks: Unicorn Mode, Destroy Mode, and his blog.

Some fans weren't so pleased when MG Unicorn Coating Ver. was announced a few days ago. By right Banshee should be released first, even though both of them are just re-releases based on Unicorn Ver. Ka. But despair not, fans of the black Banshee mark my word, Banshee will be released, sooner or later.

As a matter of fact, that was planned ever since the release of Ver. Ka back in December 2007.

Image edited from Dalong.

Most of you who got Unicorn already must have noticed those marks on this particular runner (C) as well, they are the marking for changing of parts in the molding process (something like that, not quite sure how Bandai did it anyway ^^;). I'm just pointing out the obvious ^^

So, no worries folks, just wait a little longer. Banshee will be released. ^^