Sunday, November 01, 2009

1/1 SDF Macross Hikaru Ichijyo's Helmet Review

A very detailed review on Yamato Online Shop limited 1/1 SDF Macross Helmet - Hikaru Ichijyo's type.

All three types in total - the other two being Roy Focker's and Maximilian Jenius's types. Hikaru Ichijyo's type was the hardest to obtain, as it's a fan-club limited item. More information in this previous posting.

Macross fans who are deterred from getting this item because of its limited release, or the price - 41,790 Yen (inclusive of tax) can at least look at the review on Macross Toy Collection.

Or maybe it's going to depress you even more? ^^;

Images are from Macross Toy Collection