Tuesday, November 10, 2009

7-11 Japan Gundam Fair

Things are going crazier with 7-11 Japan's celebration of its 35th Anniversary, together with Gundam 30th Anniversary. XD

Apart from "Gundam x Seven Eleven", the company now has "Seven Eleven Gundam Fair" lucky draw going on as well. ^^

Started since 4 days ago (November 6th), customers who spent 700 Yen and above at 7-11 Japan will be entitled to one special ticket, which they can use to participate in a lucky draw for many exciting Gundam and non-Gundam prizes.

The Gundam related prizes include:

MS-06S Char Aznable's Customized Projector Clock

17cm tall. To be won on the spot (at the outlet). Limited to 5 winners for each store.

Gold Plated Gundam 30th Figure

24k plated figure with display base. 3 tickets required. Limited to 500 winners.

Zeon Force Bag

1 ticket required. Limited to 1,000 winners.

Nintendo DSi with Gundam Case

All 5 colors: black, red, white, lime green and metallic blue. 2 tickets required. Limited to 200 winners per color (1,000 in total).

Char Aznable's Customized Nanaco Card

With 2,000 points included. 1 ticket required. Limited to 4,000 winners.

Information and images are from Gundam Dot Info.