Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Banpresto's Gundam Prize Items for November

Just three Gundam-related price item sets from Banpresto for this month:

Gundam Assembly Type Musha Standing Emaki - Vol. Nation

Fix pose figures. There will be all three volumes for this series, all seven characters to collect. A Gundam-face Shachihoko from SD Gundam Counterattack "SD戦国伝 暴終空城の章" is included.

All 3 types featuring Musha Gundam Mk. II, Musha Gundam and Musha Hyaku Shiki Kai. 8cm tall each.

Mid November release.

SD Gundam G Generation Assembly Type Collectible Figures Vol. 3

All 4 types featuring Gundam GP01Fb, Ex-S Gundam, Z II and Zanspain (? - ザンスパイン). 4cm tall each. Display base included.

Late September release.

SD Gundam G Generation DX Assembly Type Cross Armor Model Vol. 2 Musha Gundam

Armors can be detached. 12cm tall. Comes in 2 types: "normal color" and "another color".

Late November release.

Images are from Banpresto.