Sunday, November 15, 2009

Deformover Cybuster & Macross Figurines from Mega Hobby Expo 2009 Autumn

Megahouse showcased some of their upcoming releases at Mega Hobby Expo 2009 Autumn, held yesterday (November 14th) at Hirose Event Space 5F Hall A in Akihabara.

Deformover Cybuster - January 2010 release, 7,245 Yen (inclusive of tax)

Small Fleet Collection Yamato Encore Ver. - February 2010 release, price TBA.

Hobby Japan limited mail-only Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee - Pre-order in January 2010 issue (this month release). Details TBA.

Excellent Model Ranka Lee Nyan Nyan Ver. - Limited 222 available at the event. To be released as a Megatrea Shop limited item after this event.

Images are from Akibahobby.