Monday, November 16, 2009

No Die-Cast Parts & Pre-molded Fingers for PG 00 Raiser

Gunpla Secret Base is starting to review his received sample of PG 00 Raiser by showing the content of the huge kit.

Two more "tradition-breaking" features of this PG 00 Raiser revealed:
- No die cast part
- No pre-molded fingers - you assemble them yourself ^^;

For 00 Gundam:

A and B (x2) - PS parts.

C, D1 and D2 - PS parts.

E and F (x2) - PS parts.

G and H (x2) - PS parts.

I (x2) and J - PS parts.

K and L - ABS parts

M - ABS parts

N - ABS parts
Every single segment of the fingers there XD

O and P - ABS parts

Q - ABS parts and R - PS parts

R - metallic parts for GN Sword II

S (x2) - beam parts for the beam saber and GN Sword II

T (x2) - polycaps

GN Drive x2 and special sheet for the GN Stripes as seen on MG Exia (x2)

LED lighting unit for the head, testing battery LR41 x2, screws and bolts for certain joints.

Springs for certain joints, rubber seal for the bottom of the feet.

(From left) Marking seal (clear stickers), dry transfer decal and foil stickers

Certain runners are labeled as "GN-Frame".

So the runners didn't get to go to "Z" at all XD

For O Raiser:

OA and OB - PS parts

OC and OD - PS parts

OE1 and OE2 - PS parts

OF1 and OF2 - PS parts

OG - ABS parts, OH (x2) - PS parts

OI (x2) - ABS parts, OJ (x2) - polycaps?

OK - PS parts. Runner's tag is "GN Sword III"

OL and OM - beam parts for GN Sword III. Runner's tag is "GN Sword III"

ON - ABS parts. Runner's tag is "GN Sword III"

OO (x2) and OP (x2) - PS parts

November 26th release, 26,250 Yen (inclusive of tax).

Plenty of runners for the entire kit, and Bandai planned everything out very well so that parts for the separate component - 00 Gundam, O Raiser, GN Sword III, and the new weapon units have their parts sitting on runners dedicated to their assembly only. Two or three different labels on all the runners is a clear giveaway that Bandai has more plans about this PG in the future.

PG Exia? or maybe 00 Qan[T] which was revealed to have a GN Drive in its chest not long ago.

But it's quite obvious (in a sad way for me) that Bandai doesn't look at the PG line the same way it was before Astray Red Frame anymore. Apart from the scale and lighting gimmick, there are so many features of this kit which doesn't make it fit into the PG line.

It was a good decision for me to go for Yamato's Hattori Kiriko Ninja Ver. instead. XD

All images are from Gunpla Secret Base: Link 1 (00 Gundam), Link 2 (O Raiser).

Also, another video clip showing the rotating gimmick of the GN Drive:

Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.