Thursday, November 05, 2009

PG 00 Raiser Clear Armors Pre-Order Info

Bandai Premium Hobby Online Shop finally released the pre-order information for PG 00 Raiser's second special prize for the initial batch of release: the clear color part set.

The initial announcement was back in September.

The pre-order period will be between November 28th, 2009 and March 31st, 2010. There are three "due dates" in between that period, with three release dates as well.

These dates are:
- Due date 1: December 21st, release: late January
- Due date 2: February 22nd, release: late March
- Due date 3: March 31st, release: late May

The price is 3,500 Yen (inclusive of tax).

To pre-order, you will need the special ticket included for the initial batch of release of PG 00 Raiser (November 26th release, 26,250 Yen inclusive of tax), and become a member of Bandai Premium as well.

Image is from Bandai Premium Hobby Online Shop.