Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Revoltech Alien & Others' New Images from Revoltech Expo 2009

New images of the many Revoltech SFX figures on display at the recent Revoltech Expo 2009, held last Saturday (October 31st) at Akihabara UDX4F Anime Center:

No. 002 Alien

Scarily awesome semi-transparent skull and the retractable secondary head. ^^;

Facehugger! Yuck! ^^;

No. 001 Daimajin

No. 003 Booska

No. 004 Jack Skellington

No. 005 Baragon

No. 006 Giant Robo

No. 007 Gamera

No. 008 Gyaosu

No. 009 Batman


Powered Suit

No. 011 T-Rex

Release date and price TBA for all the items.

All images are from Moeyo: Link 1, Link 2.