Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Banpresto's Ichiban Premium Macross F Japanese Release Situation

As expected. ^^;

Moeyo reports on the situation at various stores when Banpresto's Ichiban Premium Macross F "The False Songstress" prize item set was released last Sunday (March 7th).

Image above is the crowded situation outside Kotobukiya Radio Hall in Akihabara. A long queue can be seen even though it was reported to be raining on that day. Such crowd can be observed in other stores as well. It's also reported that the prize item sets were sold out in many stores on Sunday itself.

Uchusen (宇宙船) - sold out.
Volks Akihabara - sold out on Monday.

Hobby City - sold out.
The Gamers - may have some stock left on Monday.

Sofmap AM Hall - sold out.
Sofmap PC Anime Hall - may have some stock left?

I don't suppose there's anything from this prize item set to be found anymore in Japan if one decided to go and get them now. ^^;

Images are from Moeyo.