Thursday, March 11, 2010

HGUC Loto Weak Knee Joint? EDITED

EDITED: Correction on the weak knee joint part. Someone emailed me saying that the part shown broken in the images is another culprit. Images are edited. Two images showing the model's size comparison to other models are added.

Lightning fast straight assembly of the just released HGUC Loto are now up on Futaba Imageboard, which highlight one common disastrous problem (two so far).

Runners for one Loto.

Comparison with HGUC Jegan

Comparison with Kotobukiya's Frame Arms 32 Series Type 1 Gourai.

Comparison with a card

Just the right size to form the feet of Soul of Chogokin (?) Dancougar

Broken knee joint - exactly the same spot! >_<

Let's study the manual:

The part which was broken is the hinge joint connecting the thigh to the knee (C20). It has a wider arc for bending, but is encapsulated in the one piece thigh armor (A22). Like the other knee joint mentioned previously, it's a part with high risk of being broken. ^^; (Thanks cc9012 for the correction).

A hinge joint connects the knee (C17) and the leg (C21). It can't bend forward because of the part A5, and bending it backwards is pretty restricted by the caterpillar behind the calf it seems, and that's a potential hazard to the knee.

Although the parts are made of ABS hard plastic, the risk of breaking the hinge is always there, especially during transformation when you want to adjust the caterpillars to be fully touching the surface. Plenty of nudging at the knee is potentially very dangerous to Loto it appears, as forumers on Futaba Imageboard have shown us, with both cases happened during transformation as seen from the images.

Folks thinking of buying this kit must watch out for the knee.

Two more images for size comparison:

With Kshatriya

With Hildolfr

All are in 1/144 scale. ^^

Images are Futaba Imageboard from Hobby Search.