Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jumbo Machinder Neo Mazinger Z Photo Contest

Tamashii Nation is currently organizing a photo contest for the already released Jumbo Machinder Neo Mazinger Z.

The theme is Jumbo Machinder Neo Mazinger Z with scenery, which is pretty much self-explanatory I suppose. ^^

To participate, you only need to fill in a web form and send the image file of the photo you have taken to Tamashii Web - everything via electronic copy. The contest runs from yesterday (March 9th) till March 23rd.

The prize for this contest is a gold plated Hover Pilder compatible for Jumbo Machinder Neo Mazinger Z. Exactly how many are to be given out (how many winners from the contest) is not mentioned.

An awesome team of judges is selected to pick out the winner(s) from this contest:
- Go Nagai (永井豪, creator of Mazinger Z)
- Nonaka Takashi (野中剛, from PLEX, "Shin Mazinger Shogeki! Z-Hen" mechanical designer)
- Igarashi Hiroshi (五十嵐浩司, from TARKUS/Mooks, developer of Project Chogokin Z)
- Izumi Keita (泉慶太, from Bandai Collector's Division).

Only Jpeg format is accepted for the file format of the image files submitted, and each participant is allowed to submit more than one photo. The winner(s) will be announced on Tamashii Web.

Images and information are from Tamashii Web.