Sunday, March 14, 2010


I'm a huge fan of the "Predator" series. I watched the first movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger on TV when I was a kid and liked it very much (although I must say, it's not meant to be watched by kids ^^;).

I liked "Predator 2" very much as well for the story - the unique setting of urban warfare. "AVP" wasn't that good in my opinion, but there were many new ideas on the Predator which I like, especially the weapon of retractable shuriken, and Celtic Predator's bio mask. "AVP 2" brought back a lot of the gory and bloody scenes missed in "AVP", and even let us have a peek on the Predator's world, but it somewhat destroyed the characteristics of the Predator set in the first two movies - a somewhat careless and ill tempered Predator it was in "AVP2", which I find rather disappointing. ^^;

So, of course I'm very excited to see the third installment of the "Predator" series (not inclusive of "AVP") coming in this year. The title being "Predators" would mean that there are going to be more than one Predator in the movie. That should be fun to watch. ^^

The setting of the story is back in the jungle, but on an alien planet it seems. And there are two actors I know of as seen in the preview - Laurence Fishburne from "Event Horizon" and "The Matrix" and Adrien Brody from "King Kong", both with really solid acting performance. Even more exciting, Robert Rodriguez takes on the movie as the producer. Some of his movies like "Desperado", "Sin City" and "Grindhouse: Planet Terror" are among my favorite movies, all were either directed or produced, or both, by him. so I have high hopes for this "Predators".

Also, from the preview, there are going to be more new Predator concepts as well, like bio mask with tusks and hunting beast? "A new breed," as mentioned by Robert Rodriguez in the preview.

You can watch the preview on the official site.

For some reason unknown at the moment, this movie is going to see the first katana to debut in the "Predator" series. ^^

July 9th release. A trailer will be up on the official site this Thursday (March 18th).

Images are from the official site and the preview.