Tuesday, March 02, 2010

SD Gundam Sangokuden Vol. 2 June Release EDITED

EDITED: Image added, as well as another Evangelion gashapon set.

More than a month away from the release of Vol. 1, Bandai Vendor Division announces SD Gundam Sangokuden Vol. 2.

Gashapon set of all 10 types featuring:
* Sonken Gundam
* Sonken Gundam's weapons + horse unit
* Sonsaku Physalis
* Sonsaku Physalis's weapons + horse
* Toutaku Zaku
* Toutaku Zaku's weapons + soldier unit (Gou)
* Ryofu Tallgeese
* Ryofu Tallgeese + Sekitoba
* Chou-sen Qubeley

Late June release, 100 Yen each.

Image is from Takarajima Create Webshop.

SD Gundam Bind Sangokuden Vol. 1 will be released in mid April at 100 Yen each.

Information is from The Machine's Toys.

One new Evangelion gashapon set is announced as well: Digital Grade Evangelion ~Sadamoto Yoshiyuki Collection Vol. 2~

All 5 types featuring Ayanami Rei, Nagisa Kaworu, Shikinami Asuka Langley, Mari Illustrous Makinami Type A and B.

Late June release, 400 Yen each.

Vol. 1 was released back in November 2009.

Image and information is from Takarajima Create Webshop.