Monday, September 13, 2010

Cosmo Fleet Collection Gundam Act 5 Under Development

Megahouse confirms on the release of Cosmo Fleet Collection Gundam Act 5 Heisei Gundam series main battleships, which was announced at Chara Hobby 2010 at the end of last month. The prototypes are currently under development.

Tentatively, the set contains 6 types featuring:
- Ptolemaios with Gundam Exia
- Archangel with Aile Strike Gundam
- Minerva with Destiny Gundam
- Dominion with Forbidden Gundam
- Peacemillion with Wing Gundam Zero
- Soleil with Turn A Gundam

Another set of Cosmo Fleet Collection set from Megahouse that we know of is from the SRW OG series, which was disclosed at Chara Hobby 2010 as well. Winter release.

Image is from Mega Hobby Station.