Friday, September 03, 2010

PG Strike Freedom Gundam 22,000 Yen?

PSB-Mall, a Korean hobby website has the pre-order page up for Perfect Grade Strike Freedom Gundam, and the price shown is 22,000 Yen (exclusive of tax I believe).

Of course it's very important to note that 22,000 Yen is the unconfirmed price for this kit. The confirmation on this information will only come from Bandai.

It's interesting to note that this isn't the first time for PSB-Mall to show an unconfirmed price for a newly announced Gunpla kit. Back in July 2009, the unconfirmed price for PG 00 Raiser (still Gundam at that point when nobody was expecting O Raiser to be bundled) was 20,000 Yen, and the price was 5,000 Yen off the actual price for the final release of 25,000 Yen.

In another case, PSB-Mall put up the pre-order for MG Guntank in May 2009 with the unconfirmed price at that moment of 4,200 Yen, and that was 600 Yen short of the actual price for the final release of 4,800 Yen.

Following that pattern, maybe it will be OK to speculate that the actual price for PG Strike Freedom Gundam is going to be higher than 22,000 Yen?

Information and image from PSB-Mall.