Monday, August 14, 2006

My Graduation 2006

Last Wednesday (9 August) was the graduation ceremony for my university. Held at the State Assembly Hall, the ceremony marked the end of studies for students in various courses in my university.

Officially, I finished my Bachelor of Business Majoring in Information Systems last December. Due to the lack of students, my university only holds one graduation each year, for the moment that is. With students flooding in for every intake since last year, it is a matter of time before the management decides to do it twice a year.

Before the ceremony, all the graduates including me had a rehearsal on how to cat-walk :-) in front of the Chancellor when receiving your scroll. We were taught to observe the marking on the floor leading up to the Chancellor, and to bow before proceeding so that we don’t frighten the old man :-) Various other reminders were also given, just so that no one embarrasses anyone on that big day.

Waiting for something to happen during the rehearsal...

Rehearsing on how to sit properly on that day :-)

On Wednesday, the graduates have to arrive as early as 8am for gowning. It was a bit embarrassing since it was the lecturers and some admin officers who helped all of the graduates to put on the heavy gowns. Since there were so protocols to follow, the best thing to do was just to shut up and let them handle everything, even when they start to use pins on your RM500-600 suit :-)

Everyone preparing themselves in the morning, lecturers and students alike - registering and getting their gowns

Promotion by a particular studio on graduation kit - chicky

My friend, Albert, never fails to amaze the camera :-)

Everything went perfectly well, as a matter of fact, almost too well. There were speeches, long speeches, singing of Malaysian and Australian national anthems, and then we were off for the big stuff. My batch, the Information Systems graduates were the second last groups to go up to meet the Chancellor. The ceremony finished with the VIPs leaving the hall, in the same military fashion way like how they came into the hall earlier on. After that, we had our huge group photo for each group of graduates, and it was taking like a lifetime for our turn. The cameramen were busy aligning people so everyone can be recognized in the photo later. There were refreshment served outside, and I was being obedient and patient in the hall waiting for my turn :-)

My graduation kit - the hat, scroll and program book. No flower or teddy bear, sob sob...

The size of my hat, probably the biggest in the wardrobe

Group photo session for the Foundation Business students, biggest group on that day

Waiting for ur group's turn for the group photo. My friends can still put on a smile. Amazing...

It was such a huge event for me really, because of all the protocols involved, and the strict but fun environment the whole ceremony was conducted. It was also great to see some of my old friends again, for those who went out for work right after finishing their studies last December. Some precious memories were framed in digital format via cameras and phones. By the way, for my friends out there, if you got some photos, please send to my email, thank you!

Picture with one of my lecturers, Miss Jasmine

All the five guys who went to KL around a month ago. Check out my experience during that trip in my previous post

Picture with the I.S. girls plus three uninvited guests

Philip Lee, one of the coursemates who graduated together with me last December

Some of the Engineering students who attended the ceremony. Somehow I felt that I'll be seeing them again when I'm going for the graduation of my MA next year

Another photo, wihout me in it

For more details, please check out my university's press release(1 & 2), also, Rachtly's blog about his boyfriend's graduation and more pictures of the day.