Monday, August 06, 2007

1/20 Scale Brutishdog and Others

Photos of several upcoming models from the Gundam Base Side 1. Some products like HCM Pro Eva Unit 01 has been repeated (several times too), but it's always good to see more high resolution photos anyway. The emphasis this time, is on 1/20 Brutishdog, Action Base 2 (clear blue) for HGUC models, and SD Shibai Sazabi. Please follow the links for each product if you would like to see more of its photos.

1/20 Brutishdog - as compared to the previous 1/20 Scopedog, changes visible include two new female pilot figurines, the right arm design, a backpack, and the rifle used by Scopedog seems to be omitted. Quite a nice model actually, especially the color scheme, which reminds me of Lunamaria Hawke's Gunner Zaku Warrior every time I see it :)

Action Base 2 (clear blue) - a clear blue display base for your HGUC models, and it seems that it's designed especially for Zeon Amphibious MSs like Acguy, Zock, and Z'Gok. Strange though, because among the list, only Z'Gok is in blue while the rest are all painted in, well, uncomfortable color scheme in my view.

BB Senshi Sangokuden Shibai Sazabi - this new Sazabi is really quite awesome in terms of its appearance. I can't believe that Sazabi's face can look so cool even for such a SD model. While the beam shotgun is unavailable, the fan/sword combo is quite refreshing as a weapon design. I wonder when are we going to see a new 'normal' SD version of Sazabi?

Gundam Collection Complex - featuring the small scale figures of Gundam Excia.

HCM-Pro Eva-01 Evangelion - seriously not as good as Kaiyado's Revoltech version ^^;

- probably (and hopefully) the last SD Zaku Phantom to be out~
SD Heine Westenfluss's Customize Blaze Zaku Phantom

SD Stargazer - everything about this little fella is cool for me, except the half-done beam circles

Also, the last Keroro robot model is Keroro Gunsou Plamo Collection Kululu Robo Mk-II. Seriously, do kids nowadays really go for such sophisticated model? or maybe it's me who are getting really old :-D