Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 12

First Live: Golden Speed

The first episode without Kivat Bat's narration at the beginning of the episode.

This episode starts with the scene with Kiva being washed up on shore after being defeated by Ixa last week. The Spider Fangire found the unconscious Kiva, and tried to kill him, but he ran off immediately when Kiva started to move. Totally funny XD

Instead of being a pesky character, I think I'm beginning to enjoy all the humor this Spider Fangire brought to the show so far XD

Back in 1986, after being unsuccessful in getting the Ixa system from Shima and Jiro, Yuri tried to forget her sorrow by going out with Otoya. When Otoya begged Jiro for it, joined by Yuri later on, Jiro suddenly collapsed, revealing the flaw in Ixa's suit to be harmful to the wearer.

Back to present time, Keisuke was furious after being informed by the Spider Fangire that Kiva was still alive. With his enemy's help, Keisuke sought out Kiva to finish their fight. After the road chase, the duel between them finished (for now) with the 'double Rider kick', with Kiva won this time.

The episode finished with Wataru singing at Ikemens' concert.

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kiva13_03 kiva13_04
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Quite a funny episode if you asked me, except for Jiro's hospital scene of course. The Spider Fangire and Yuri's appetite were really funny. But the second round of Kiva versus Ixa was extremely disappointing though, as the winner was determined by just a kick. :( Also, Kiva's new toy, ^^ the Bron Booster is quite disappointing for me too. There's almost no transformation at all. The Bron statue just split into half, and then each half just docked with the front and the back of Kiva's bike.

I was expecting something like Kamen Rider Kuuga's beetle bike -_-

Kuuga's bike, called "Tri-Gouram".

Preview for Episode 13: Unfinished: Daddy Fight: Ixa versus Jiro in 1986!! The Ixa system seems to be wielded by... Otoya?!

kiva13_33 kiva13_34
kiva13_35 kiva13_36

You can watch the unsubbed episode on Veoh.