Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Transformers Binal Tech & Others

After Blue Streak and Meister, the next two entries in Transformers Binal Tech series are BT-21 Arcee featuring Honda S2000 and BT-22 Convoy featuring Dodge Ram SRT-10.

Image from Toysdaily.

While BT-21 Arcee seems to be new, it's actually not. The design is based on the previously released Windcharger from the Alternator series. And if you remember, Windcharger has another version with some minor changes, called Decepticharge.

AlternatorWindcharge_02_s AlternatorWindcharge_01_s

AlternatorDecepticharge_01_s AlternatorDecepticharge_02_s
Images of Alternator Windcharge and Decepticharge from

From the first image, this upcoming Binal Tech Arcee will feature Windcharge's head, but Decepticharge's body (look at the wheel and the tail in her vehicle mode). Also, 'he' becomes a 'she' as well. XD Takara sure is confident enough in such a recolored attempt to create yet another 'new' Binal Tech figure ^^;

BT-22 Convoy is another recolored Transformer figure. The difference in terms of coloring as compared to the previous KissPlayers's version is all blue for the legs instead of red and blue.

The green parts shown will contain metallic materials.
Image from Toysdaily.

Image of KissPlayers Convoy from KissPlayers's official page.

Then again, don't forget that the Binal Tech figures contain metal parts, so their 'feel' is of course quite different from the Alternator series. ^^ According to Fantofanjp, Arcee and Convoy will be available on July 15th at 5,250 Yen each.

For Malaysian fans, you can now preorder Binal Tech Arcee and Convoy from XL-Shop.

Also, as reported some time ago, Battle Ready Bumblebee (with new mask design) and Optimus Prime with new head and sword will also be available soon. From XL-Shop, their prices are $25 (RM 80) and $75(RM 238) respectively.

BattleReadyBumblebee_s TakaraTomyPrimeHeadSword_s
Images from XL-Shop.

On the other hand, at the recent Australia Toyfair, several 'strange' Transformers figures were spotted ^^;

Venom's transformation looks a bit like Barricade.

Arcee Spiderman in motorbike XD

Wolverine looks like Rachet.

Several other Transformers Crossovers spotted on back of Venow and Wolverine's packagings: Green Hulk/Tank, Ironman/Jet, Human Torch/Jet, Black Spiderman/Motorcycle (recolored), and Gray Hulk/Tank (recolored).
Images from Ozformers Transformers Collectors Australia.

Well, such crossovers are only possible when Hasbro who owned the copyright for the Transformers franchise in the U.S. also produce Marvel Comic's toys ^^;

I'm looking forward to seeing more of these weird crossovers XD