Monday, October 12, 2009

Jibun Damashii Vol. 2 Char Aznable New Images

Revealed back in July at Tokyo Toy Show 2009, the pre-order for the second Jibun Damashii release, Char Aznable will start about a month after that, on October 16th.

18cm tall. Will come with option hand unit x6, face part, full mask, hair part, eye mask set part, original mask, gun, wineglass, and nameplate. There may be some changes to the items in the set.

Release date TBA. 13,650 Yen plus 525 Yen for delivery (for Japan, prices inclusive of tax).

Like those Tamashii Web Shop limited merchandises, the Jibun Damashii series is quite hard for international fans to get. ^^; See this previous posting to get some idea on how to submit your photo.

All images are from the official site.