Friday, October 16, 2009

Revo-Rama Download

Revo-Rama (short for Revoltech Diorama) is a new "service" provided for Revoltech fans.

If you love papercraft, or if you're looking for an easier diorama design that can be done in a shorter time, Revo-Rama may be quite useful to you as well.

Basically, Revo-Rama are papercraft templates that you can download (for free), and upon completion of the work, will form famous scenes associated with the different figures. They provide better background to display your Revoltech figures and to take photos of them. ^^

10 Revo-Rama templates available on the official site for downloading. All files are in PDF format, and some of the files are quite large, since the designs are in full colors.

"Final Battle!" for No. 66 Gurren & Lagann

"Final Battle, New Tokyo-3" for No. 67 Eva Test Type-01 New Movie Edition

"Showdown! Kukyomugan" for No. 70 Arc Gurren Lagann

"Explode! Giga Drill" for No. 71 Choginga Gurren Lagann.

"REYCAL" for No. 72 Reycal Orichalcum

"GLOOMY" for No. 73 Gloomy

"Getter Dragon" for No. 74 Getter Dragon

"Neo Getter" for No. 75 Neo Getter 1

"GO TO WAR" for No. 76 Evangelion New Theatrical Ver. Eva Unit 1 Awaken Ver. and No. 77 Evangelion New Theatrical Ver. Eva Provisional Unit 5 (Movie Color Ver.)

"Yatte Yaruze!! Final battle!!" for No. 78 Dancouga

All images from Union Creative's official site.