Monday, January 04, 2010

Clarification on MG Clear Part Campaign

Got my MG Victory Gundam Ver. Ka (Clear Part Campaign Ver.) today, and I can finally confirm on the question asked by many in the past.

Yes. The original runner with color IS indeed included with the clear runner from the campaign.

I was quite certain about that when the campaign was announced in the past, because I was looking at it as those numerous prize campaigns of the BB Senshi Sangokuden series, where the newly included prize items are bundled with the original kits, rather than replacing anything in them. However, I didn't find any review which give definite confirmation on that, so I withheld from "guaranteeing" my belief from any inquiry. ^^;

I was hoping Dalong Dotnet would shed some light on this confusion, but he did separate reviews for the two versions instead.

Anyway, now the confusion is over. Interested folks can go and make the purchase with ease. ^^ Make sure you see the extra printed label of MG Clear Part Campaign on the box.

The list of 21 other Gunplas included for this campaign can be seen in this previous posting.