Friday, January 15, 2010

Future Transformers Alternity, Disney Label & Device Label Releases

4 future releases from 3 Transformers action figures sub-series according to Bigbadtoystore. No image for all of them at the moment.

* Transformers Alternity A-04 Okamora Orochi featuring Starscream (White) - March release, US$49.99.

* Transformers Alternity A-04 Okamora Orochi featuring Skywarp (Purple) - May release, US$49.99.

A two-month gap between the two is a bit strange in my opinion. Usually the two colors are released together.

And this is the Orochi:

Image is from Wikipedia.

Fourth release in the Alternity series after Bumblebee featuring Suzuki Swift Sport. Apparently not many people know this car ^^; But that's going to change after this announcement I believe. ^^

* Transformers Disney Label Buzz Lightyear Spaceship - June release, US$44.99.

Third Disney Label after Donald Duck Bumblebee. I was hoping to see Goofy actually XD

* Transformers Device Label USB Flash Memory (2 GB) Cheetor - May release, US$42.99.

Information is from Bigbadtoystore.