Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gundam UC Novel Book Cover & MS Girl Artbook

Book covers of two Gundam UC books mentioned last Saturday spotted:

The Day of the Unicorn (First) MS Gundam UC 1

The Day of the Unicorn (Last) MS Gundam UC 2

January 23rd, 500 Yen each (inclusive of tax).

Another two books, with almost the same titles, "MS Gundam UC 1 The Day of the Unicorn (First)" and "MS Gundam UC 2 The Day of the Unicorn (Last)" are yet to be revealed. Both are scheduled to be released on February 1st at 540 Yen each (inclusive of tax).

Also from Kadokawa, "MS Girl Artwork" by Akitaka Mika (明貴美加):

A collection of MS Girl designs done by Akitaka Mika which were serialized in the monthly "Gundam Ace". Akitaka Mika is the illustrator who first came up with the idea of MS Girl actually.

Pre-order for this book is available on Kadokawa Web before February 10th. There's no mentioning that this is going to be a web limited release though. I certainly hope not. I'm sure many fans would love to have this art book.

March 26th release, 2,205 Yen (inclusive of tax).

Images are from Kadokawa Web.