Monday, January 11, 2010

Limited Gundam Photography Exclusive

Lalabit Market announces the release of 4 special Gundam photographs, done by Tajima Teruhisa (田島照久) from Thesedays Studio.

Tajima Teruhisa is born in Fukuoka. He worked at Sony Records' design department as a freelancer in 1980, after graduating from Tama Art University. His work back then featured photographs of artists like Hamada Shogo (浜田省吾) and Ozaki Yutaka (尾崎豊). Tajima Teruhisa set up his own studio, Thesedays Studio in 1992. His work then included "Freeze Moon" - photograph collections of Ozaki Yutaka, "Dinopix" - 3D photograph collection of dinosaurs, "Market Horror" - novel, "Gundam Photography", "Gundam Photography Elements" - both 3D Gundam photograph collections. Tajima Teruhisa is also the designer for Gundam T-Shirt released in 2008. He is also involved in the package designing of Bandai's Gunplas (which model was not being mentioned in his introduction though).

These 4 "Gundam Photography Exclusive" photographs are a beautiful combination of photography skills and CG design to show the vastness of the Gundam world. High-definition FM screen printing is used to show Tajima Teruhisa's work in the highest quality. Special printing is used to make sure that the color on the photographs do not fade easily, and is light resistant.

Each photograph is limited to 150 only in production, and will come enclosed in a large frame from Thesedays Studio with Tajima Teruhisa's signature.

"Flashing My Beam Sabels"

Height 542mm x Width 902mm. Weight: 4kg. 63,000 Yen (inclusive of tax).

"Nice View!"

Height 892mm x Width 702mm. Weight: 5kg. 63,000 Yen (inclusive of tax).

"Up for Air"

Height 352mm x Width 692mm. Weight: 2.2kg. 42,000 Yen (inclusive of tax).

"Fly in Black"

Height 542mm x Width 902mm. Weight: 4kg. 63,000 Yen (inclusive of tax).

The first batch of pre-order for each photography is over since November 23rd as indicated on Lalabit Market, already released in late December. The second batch of pre-order will end today (January 11th), mid February release.

All images are from Lalabit Market.