Saturday, January 02, 2010

Macross F Furoku for NewType February Issue

NewType magazine announces that there will be a special furoku of "Macross Frontier The False Songstress" booklet to be included in the February issue of that magazine.

This 36-page special booklet will feature Alto and Sheryl on the front cover and Alto and Ranka on the back cover. The content includes discussion session between the directors, screenwriters and other staff members regarding the movie, including prospect of the movie's next chapter. There will be some information on the final chapter "Wings of Goodbye" (サヨナラノツバサ) as well.

There will also be interview with May'n, coverage on the reader's choice of best playback scene from the movie, and others.

NewType February Issue will be released on January 9th. Price N/A.

Image is from Anime NewType Channnel.