Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Obituary: Daisuke Gouri

Veteran seiyuu and radio actor Daisuke Gouri (郷里大輔, actual name Yoshio Nagahori 芳夫長堀), known to the Gundam world for voicing Dozle Zabi and Om Bask passed away two days ago (January 17th).

Image is from Hayasan.

Daisuke Gouri was found by a passerby to be lying motionless on a road in Hommachi, Nakano Ward (中野区本町) at 3PM on January 17th. Suicide as the cause of death is highly possible as there was no sign of struggle, and there was a posthumous writing in his trousers pocket. A knife with blood was found closeby as well.

Daisuke Gouri was 57 years old.

Apart from Dozle Zabi and Om Bask, I also enjoyed Daisuke Gouri's role as the big-sized but gentle Hiromi Yamazaki in "Patlabor" and the timid rugby team captain Gouda-kun in "Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu". Fans of "Kinnikuman" will remember him well as Robin Mask.

Rest in peace, Mr. Daisuke Gouri.

News from Mainichi and Sankei MSN.