Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Revoltech Professor Layton March Release

A surprising confirmation of Revoltech Yamaguchi Professor Layton to be released on March 15th. ^^

I said "surprising" because so far hobby store websites released news and images about upcoming Revoltech Yamaguchi figures much earlier than the official Revoltech Yamaguchi Catalog. For Professor Layton's case, the last time we saw him was at Revoltech Expo 2009 in early November last year, when he was still an unpainted prototype.

And here he is now, in full color, all accessories shown, and with release info and date confirmed as well. Good news for the fans of course. ^^

- 125mm tall. 14 points of articulation, 12 Revoltech joints used.
- Jacket is made of soft material to make adjustment of the poses easier.
- Handbook can be opened
- Comes with a gorgeous tea table set. You can pose Professor Layton sitting down having tea in a very elegant manner
- A display base with very European styled brick design is included
- Accessories: pen x1, handbook x1, teacup x1, tea saucer x1, table x1, chair x1, option face part x1, option hand unit x5, display base x1
- Also comes with RevolContainer x1 and RevolChip worth 10 points x1.

March 15th release, 2,400 Yen (inclusive of tax).

Information and images are from Revoltech Yamaguchi Catalog.