Thursday, February 11, 2010

The End of BB Senshi Sangokuden Plamo Comic

Scans from the comic section of an unidentified BB Senshi plamo kit (should be the upcoming Tenshiho Shibai Sazabi) reveals the ending of story.

Quite a lot of information from these two pages of comic really:
* Pang Tong Jadg Doga, Koumei ReGZ's enemy when he's assisting Asurao Mokaku Gundam and the Nanpo troops dies.

* Sousou passes the throne of Giga to his son, Sohi. Sousou is still well at that time. :) Shiba-Shou Xi and Shiba-Shi Penelope have become advisers to the kingdom it seems, as they are shown standing beside Sohi in the image.

* Shiba-En Zaku II has lost all his memory and is currently being taken of by
Kyoui F91. Shiba-En Zaku II calls Kyoui as his stepfather. In order to raise the next generation with high discipline and the ability to control the dark inner side, Kyoui has to wear the mask of darkness in front of Shiba-En Zaku II

* Sonsoko Gerbera is now married to Ryubi Gundam.

* Everyone is well in Shou. :)

* Decades after the darkness is lifted from the world, Kyoui F91 commissiones Chen Sou (陳壽), a Zaku soldier to write the history of Sangokuden into a book called "Sangokuden", starting with stories of traveling warriors, indicating Ryubi Gundam first.

* Ryubi Gundam shown in the last image is holding the new type Ryuuteiken from the Shin Sangokuden series, a perfect bridge from the comic section to the anime version. :)

* From the way the end is portrayed, the upcoming anime version would be based on the stories written by Chen Sou in his book :)

Images are from Komica and ToyWorld Forum.