Monday, February 08, 2010

Frame Arms 32 Series Type 5 Zenrai & SA-16d Kufanjaru New Images

Was on display at Wonder Festival 2010 [Winter] yesterday and their galleries are already up on GA Graphic. ^^

One of the two new Frame Arms variations from Kotobukiya - 32 Series Type 5 Zenrai:

Molded in brown for desert warfare. The knife, chainsaw and close-range weapon Caesar Knuckle are from the M.S.G. series. Parts from the the original Frame Arms 32 Series Type 1 Gourai are included as well, allowing you to create mixed unit of Gourai and Zenrai.

July release, price TBA.

The other one is SA-16d Kufanjaru:

Designed with inverse knee joints. Weapons are a handgun and hand held missile launcher. Much like Zenrai, parts and weapons from the original Stylet are included as well for you to customize Kufanjaru.

July release, price TBA.

All images from GA Graphic: 32 Series Type 5 Zenrai, SA-16d Kufanjaru.