Tuesday, February 16, 2010

G-R00m Discussion Vol. 5 - Small Sized Mobile Armor

G-R00m Discussion is a series of interviews between Seiji Mizushima (水島精二), director of "Gundam Double O" and the different mecha designers from the anime regarding their concepts and designs. Started since October last year, each interview is released on a monthly basis on Yomban, from Bandai Visual.

Vol. 5 of G-R00m Discussion is between the director and Kenji Teraoka (寺岡賢司) on small-sized mobile armors in "Gundam Double O".

Kenji Teraoka designed many MSs and supporting units belonging to Human Reform League in "Gundam Double O", including the many variations of Tieren and MAJ-V34 Jiachong shown in the image above.

Image is from Yomban.