Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Lighting Up MG GN-X One More Time

Much clearer demonstration by Dalong. ^^

Overall 101 points for MG GN-X from Dalong - 1 point less than MG Exia XD

Excluding the recolored Ple Two's Customized Qubeley Mk. II, this is the MG with the lowest score from Dalong since G-Fighter released back in January 2009. On top of that, I find that Dalong tends to give higher scores to Zeon (very good! ^^) and non-Gundam MGs, and GN-X belongs to the later category in my opinion.

Oops ^^;

Anyway, reviews are subjected to personal opinion and preference. They are supposed to help you to know how the model works, not helping you to decide whether you should like it or not. Dalong gives over 100 points to every Zaku II Ver. 2.0 variation for their quality, but not many prefer to assemble very similar models again and again unless you are very fond of the MS I believe.

I'm getting MG GN-X anyway. ^^

Images are from Dalong.