Sunday, June 06, 2010

Dengeki King of Gunplas 2009 Grand Champion Announced

Dengeki Hobby has recently announced the Grand Champion from its "King of Gunpla 2009" contest!

The 2009 edition of the annual "King of Gunpla" contest is said to have the most number of participation in the entire series. After rounds of difficult adjudication, the winner goes to the Japanese representative's work, beating Hong Kong representative with a slight margin of marks as reported.

Grand Champion: GN-X, by Iwasuke (Japanese representative)

RX-78-V Vagrant Gundam, by Vincent Chan (Hong Kong representative)

While Japan is the heartland of Gunpla, Hong Kong modelers have been doing very well in the competition over the years. Just to refresh your memory a bit: last year's Grand Champion for "King of Gunpla 2008" is Ambrose Cheng from Hong Kong with his entry, MSN-04S Scalebane Sazabi.

Winning entries from the qualifying stage and from other categories are shown as well:

Winner - Senior category (Japan): GN-XIII, by Iwasuke.

Winner - Senior category (Hong Kong): Great Zeong, by Vincent Chan

The Grand Champion of this year's King of Gunpla, Iwasuke seems to be a big fan of GN-X. ^^ Both his work for the qualifying stage and the grand final is based on that MS. ^^

1st Runner-up - Senior category (Japan), Ascii Media Works Award: Beauty Kyo Ran (美・京・乱), by Matoi (纏)

Ascii Media Works is the company that publishes Dengeki Hobby and other hobby magazines in Japan.

2nd Runner-up - Senior category (Japan): Real Type Astray Black Frame, by Lovely Idol Museum Curator (じぶび美術館館長)

Ascii Weekly Award: Forward! Core Booster, by Kuitan Turn A.

Dengeki Hobby Magazine Award: Musha Hazel, by Yousuke Takahashi.

Sunrise Award: Gundam Double X, by Yu Kate.

Gundam Ace Award: MG Zaku Cannnon, by Heisuke.

Ebikawa Kanetaka Award: Gray Devil, by Maichi (RRM).

Takayuki Yanase Award: GN-0000000 Quintuple O Gundam, by Mickey.

Hitoshi Fukuchi Award: Assault Plus, by HAS Production.

Winner - Team category (Japan): Zaku Heads, by HobbyCraft Works (Hobby Craft Okayama)

1st Runner-up - Team category (Japan):Break Pillar Incident, by Yui N Drive.

2nd Runner-up - Team category (Japan):The End of the show ~Curtain call ~, by Von Braun Works.

Winner - Professional category (Japan):MG Rommel's Customized Zaku Desert Type, by Heisuke.

1st Runner-up - Professional category (Japan): High Mobility Type Land Combat Zaku, by Takarabidou.

2nd Runner-up - Professional category (Japan):Gundam RX-78-2, by Gotou Takahiro.

Katsumi Kawaguchi Award: Second Company Unit 1, by Estacion Aichi.

Winner - Junior category (Japan): RX-75C Guntank Kai, by Ken Pufa.

1st Runner-up - Junior category (Japan): Jaburo Attack!! by Magnet.

2nd Runner-up - Junior category (Japan): GN-000 O Gundam, by Yuki Oosuga.

Sotsu Award: Zaku Desert Type Sniper, by Mori Riyoutarou.

Bandai Award: Hyaku Shiki, by Yoshimoto Takanori.

Images are from Dengeki Hobby Web.