Thursday, June 10, 2010

DX Chogokin König Monster Introduction

Tamashii Web has a very detailed introduction on DX Chogokin VB-6 König Monster regular and SP Ver. announced back in late April.

- This figure was under development for more than a year, with supervision by Shoji Kawamori
- Die-cast parts installed for various parts, and together with interlocking features designed for them, The transformed form can be retained and has higher durability.

The regular version

The box design of the regular version.
As reported, it's going to be quite heavy thanks to the many die-cast parts.

35cm tall. Shown on the left is Robot Damashii [Side VF] Messiah Valkyrie Alto's unit.

Complete transformation for the three modes.
The display base shown will also be included for the SP version.

The back of the shuttle will transform into the arms.
A tab is designed to lock the position of the main cannon in place in Gerwalk and Battroid modes.

Shuttle mode
Locking mechanism helps to maintain the overall shape of this form.

The head is hidden inside the canopy. In Battroid mode, the canopy will be folded into the neck area to show the head.

The Dozer Blade can be expanded.
Using the display base, the body can be tilted backwards to show it looking up as seen in the anime.

Gun turrets beneath the chest can move.
A wide range of articulation is possible with the knee design.

Sliding gimmick installed for the arm to change its position. Position can also be locked via a click on the joint.

SP Ver. - Sheryl Nome Produce Ver.

Has 5 special points as compared to the regular version:

(1) Sheryl Nose Print - special marking seal included for the nose of the shuttle.

(2) Special display base - Size is 27.5cm x 27.5cm. Clear glass version of the ship deck where König Monster landed upon as seen in the anime. Details reproduced include the design of the structure and shattered glass.

(3) Sheryl's Decoration clear sticker.

(4) Sheryl Nome's Island Premium Card as seen in the movie. A luxurious design featuring the engraving of Sheryl's name on the surface, serial number and her signature.

(5) Special Sheryl Nome package design

* DX Chogokin VB-6 König Monster - September release, 16,800 Yen (inclusive of tax).

* DX Chogokin VB-6 König Monster (SP Ver.) - September release, 21,000 Yen (inclusive of tax).

Images and information are from Tamashii Web.