Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ichiban Premium Macross F Glittering Summer Encore Prize Item Set on Display

Prize item Type A, B and C Premium Figures from Banpresto's Ichiban Premium Macross F The False Songstress Glittering Summer Encore prize item set announced last Tuesday are now on display at Kotobukiya's Radio Hall in Akihabara.

Type A: Premium Figure Sheryl Nome Black Bunny "Doki Doki" Color Ver. - 1 type. 22cm tall.

Type B: Premium Figure Sheryl Nome White Rabbit "Dere Dere" Color Ver. - 1 type. 22cm tall.

Type C: Premium Figure Ranka Lee Peppermint Candy Ver. - 1 type. 20cm tall.

4 others categories in this prize item set can be seen in this previous posting.

Images are from Moeyo.