Monday, June 07, 2010

Special Gundam Decal with Chinese Character Design Preview

From Open the Toy, images of a very special Gundam Decal coming from Bandai.

As reported on the website, this is going to be a water-slide decal meant for the Asian market. From the "Not for Sale" label shown at the bottom of the sheet, I suppose this is going to be a limited prize item included for MG kits, like the part separator or mini cutting mat that many fans in Asia found included in their MG kits.

From how the decal will look on the MG kits shown in the last image, the characters design seems to be pretty large in size.

Some of the characters are "Freedom" (自由) and "Super" (超) - seen on Freedom Gundam, "Fly" (飛翔) on Hi-Nu Gundam, "Destroy" (破壞) on Acguy, "Love" (愛) and the translation for "Gundam" in Chinese characters (Japanese style 頑馱無) on Gundam RX-78-2. Others characters as seen in the first 4 images: "Slash" (斬), "Thunder" (雷), "Light" (光), "Flame" (炎), "Sword" (劍) and "Danger" (危險).

Release format is not available though.

Images are from Open the Toy/