Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sunrise Festival Summer 2010

Sunrise Animation will collaborate with Theater Shinjuku (テアトル新宿) to bring to the fans a whole month of various animation produced by the company, plus talk show from special guests this coming August.

This special event will run from August 7th till September 3rd, with a theme for each week. Different animes will be played at late show hour in the cinema specified according to the theme. On the last day of the week, a special event night will be held.

August 7th: Eve (Ideon Night)

August 8th - August 14th: Early Sunrise Week
Featuring some of the earliest work by Sunrise, including "Super Machine Zambot 3", "Mecha Xabungle", "Blue Comet SPT Layzner" and "Yoroiden Samurai Troopers".

Special event on August 14th - "Wataru Night".

August 15th - August 21st: Gundam Week
Featuring Gundam anime, including "MS Gundam Movie Ver." "MS Ζeta Gundam Movie Ver."
"MS Gundam: Char's Counterattack" and "Turn A Gundam Movie Ver."

Special event on August 21st - "Everybody's Universal Century Night".

August 22nd - August 28th: The Braves' Week
Featuring many titles from "The Braves" series that fascinated many children in the 90s, including " The Brave Exkaiser", "The Brave Express Might Gaine", "Brave Command Dagwon" and "The King of Braves GaoGaiGar".

Special event on August 28th - "GaoGaiGar Night".

August 29th - September 3rd: Votoms Week
The latest edition of the Votoms TV series, "the Phantom Arc" will be shown. All titles include "Armored Trooper Votoms", "Votoms: Pailsen Files" and "Votoms: Phantom Arc".

Special event on September 3rd - "Votoms Night".

The ticket price for each late show (one title) is 1,500 Yen (1,000 Yen on Wednesday and first day of the month). The ticket price for each special event night is 4,000 Yen. There's another special access ticket, the "One Week Platinum Ticket" available at 12,500 Yen for the first 3 weeks (7 nights per week), and 11,000 Yen for the last week (6 nights). Holders of this special ticket get to see the late show every night for one week, including the special event night. On top of that, seats in the middle section will be reserved for the Platinum Ticket holder. They are also allowed to select their own seats.

Image and information is from Sunrise. Also reported on Gundam Dot Info.