Friday, August 01, 2008

MG G Fighter

MG G Fighter has finally been confirmed on Bandai Hobby Center's Space Diary Of The Captain. However, Gundam fans will have to wait till next year for its release. No information on its price yet.

The image shown on the site is actually from the HGUC version. Given how similar Gundam Ver. 2.0 is to its HGUC equivalence, one can expect the G Fighter to be quite similar as well. The design will be aiming for "nostalgic" 80's feel with simple appearance but plenty of complex mechanical details and gimmicks for the interior I suppose? Part swapping used for the HGUC version won't be in anyway for sure.

MG G Fighter will not come with Gundam Ver. 2.0, but a Hyper Hammer is included. "Another" is a better word actually, since there's one that comes with Gundam Ver. 2.0. I'm sure another shield will be included as well, as it's needed for the G Armor transformation.

The website also shows a chart of many MSs which are "maybe" releases in the MG line:

GM Cannon mentioned the other day, as well as Hazel Custom are in. ^^

Remember, the key word here is "maybe", not "possible", there's a difference between the two. XD Don't place your hope too high if you're a fan of any of them.

Images above are from Bandai Hobby Center's Space Diary Of The Captain.

Also, even more images of MG Zaku Cannon after yesterday:

The inner frame for the leg is new this time, and the part separation for the its armors is going to be fun to see ^^
Comes with a Zaku Machinegun and 280mm Bazooka too.

Images from Toysdaily.

On the other hand, GA Graphic has put up more images of Tamashii Nation's Project BM! Setsuna:

More images on GA Graphic.

This figure will be about 30cm tall, and is available through pre-order until September 3rd at 17,460 Yen. Release date is late December.

Finally, information on the Japanese release date of August Gundam merchandise list:

August 6th
- HGUC Kampfer
- HGUC Rick Dom Colony Color Ver.

August 7th
- HG 1/144 Enact Demo Color Ver.
- BB Senshi Sangokuden Ryomou Dijeh / Kannei Kampfer Gou Assault Marine set

Image from Apron No Hito Mokei Production Diary.

- BB Senshi Exia

August 21st
- MG Zaku Cannon

August 28th
- 1/100 Exia EXF (Trans-Am Mode)

Image from Toysdaily.

- Action Base 1 Sparkle Green Ver.

Information from Apron No Hito Mokei Production Diary.