Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Fans' Most Memorable Gundam Anime Final Episode Title

Gundam poll from Gundam Dot Info again, and this time, quite an interesting one too ^^

Before the broadcast of Gundam Double O Season 2's Episode 25 Sunday two weeks ago, the poll investigated the impression of the title of all the Gundam TV anime series in the past.

From 11,231 respondents, the result is as below:

* To A Future that Never Ends (Gundam SEED) ------ 42.71%
* Riders in the Skies (Gundam Zeta) ------ 20.10%
* The Moon Will Always be There (Gundam X) ------ 10.92%
* Escape (MS Gundam) ------ 5.87%
* The Final Victor (Gundam Wing) ------ 4.29%
* The Golden Autumn (Turn A Gundam) ------ 4.20%
* The Final Power (Gundam SEED Destiny) ------ 4.12%
* Angel's Ascension (Victory Gundam) ------ 2.99%
* Warrior, Again... (Gundam Double Zeta) ------ 2.80%
* God Gundam's Great Triumph!(G Gundam) ------ 2.01%

G Gundam's title has to be cut short, officially, it's God Gundam's Great Triumph! A Hopeful Future.. Ready, Go!

Gundam SEED easily won the poll with 42.71% of support, with Gundam Zeta trailing right behind with 20.10%, less than half of the votes for SEED.

Title is very important for any episode in a series. Not only should it be meaningful but easy to remember, it should be able to prompt the viewer's interest into watching that episode as well. With that said, it's no wonder G Gundam is sitting at the bottom of the list. How many of us can remember the entire long title anyway? ^^;

Also, the title of G Gundam's final episode is a great spoiler itself. XD We know that the good guys can never be beaten, but to slot in "Great Triumph!" as well, it really crippled the threat of the villains in the final episode - not exactly that exciting to watch anymore right? ^^;

Without looking at the content of the final episode, do you agree that Gundam SEED's final episode has the most memorable title? To A Future that Never Ends, it sounds quite beautiful to me, ^^ and it didn't say much about what's going to happen in the anime as well.

The poll is in before the finale of Gundam Double O Season 2 "Rebirth" / "Reborn". If that is taken into the poll, I believe it's going to get great support, maybe greater than Gundam SEED. The title can imply many things, either the victory of the Celestial Beings, or Ribbons Almark himself, or even an unexpected twist of plot that force the world to a new start, like the collapse of the orbital elevator etc. There are a lot more imaginary spaces to this title than all the others.

But then again, it's all up to how you see each of those titles. ^^

Information from Gundam Dot Info. Images from Mahq Dotnet.