Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Revoltech Yamaguchi Laevatein [New Packaging Ver.] New Images & Release Info

After Arbalest last night, we now have new images and release info of another Revoltech Yamaguchi action figure from "Full Metal Panic!": No. 59 Laevatein [New Packaging Ver.]:

- Content is actually the same as the previous version release in August 2008.

125mm tall. 18 points of articulation, 16 Revoltech joints used. Content: Demolition Gun x1, Gun-Howitzer Mode cannon barrel x1, shotgun x1, shoulder extension unit x2, Monomolecular Cutter x2, Monomolecular Cutter (storage mode) x2, anti-tank dagger x2, grenade x2, connector part for shoulder x1, robot arm for shoulder x1, robot arm for chest x2, option head unit x1, option hand unit x5, and display base x1.

Also comes with Revol Container x1 and Revol Chip worth 10 marks x1.

December 15th release, 2,900 Yen (inclusive of tax).

All images are from Revoltech Yamaguchi Catalog.