Sunday, July 27, 2008

Revoltech Laevatein, Enki & Kerberos Panzer Cop

Akibahobby posted plenty of images of Revoltech ARX-8 Laevatein on display in a Japanese toy store:

akibahobby_arx-8_02_s akibahobby_arx-8_03_s
Such a long packaging isn't usual for a Revoltech release.

akibahobby_arx-8_04_s akibahobby_arx-8_05_s
akibahobby_arx-8_06_s akibahobby_arx-8_07_s
akibahobby_arx-8_08_s akibahobby_arx-8_09_s
Plenty of weapons to pose your Laevatein with.
Images from Akibahobby.

More images of Revoltech No. 60 Enki, as well as No. 61 Kerberos Panzer Cop after the news about it coming in September was out several days ago.

Enki - photos also available on GA Graphic.

happinet_revoltech_enki_01_s happinet_revoltech_enki_04_s
happinet_revoltech_enki_05_s happinet_revoltech_enki_06_s
Normal and damaged type helmets included.

happinet_revoltech_enki_03_s happinet_revoltech_enki_08_s
happinet_revoltech_enki_09_s happinet_revoltech_enki_10_s
I can't believe that the extra Gurren Lagann part given is its head before getting Enki's helmet. XD Line them up and you'll get that epic combat scene!

Kerberos Panzer Cop - photos also available on GA Graphic.

happinet_revoltech_panzer_cop_01_s happinet_revoltech_panzer_cop_02_s happinet_revoltech_panzer_cop_06_s
happinet_revoltech_panzer_cop_03_s happinet_revoltech_panzer_cop_04_s
Sure brings back a lot of memory ^^

All images from Happinet Online.

Revoltech Enki and Kerberos Panzer Cop are also being displayed in Japanese toy store as reported by Moeyo.

moeyo_revoltech_enki_01_s moeyo_revoltech_enki_02_s
moeyo_revoltech_enki_04_s moeyo_revoltech_enki_03_s
moeyo_revoltech_enki_05_s moeyo_revoltech_enki_06_s
Enki looks more like he's dancing or something XD

moeyo_revoltech_panzercop_01_s moeyo_revoltech_panzercop_02_s
Some weathering effect for the backpack ^^

moeyo_revoltech_panzercop_03_s moeyo_revoltech_panzercop_04_s
moeyo_revoltech_panzercop_05_s moeyo_revoltech_panzercop_06_s
moeyo_revoltech_panzercop_07_s moeyo_revoltech_panzercop_08_s
Images from Moeyo.

Still on Gurren Lagann, remember that 1/∞ (infinity) resin kit of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann mentioned in June? Here's what it looks like with painting on.

Image from Volk's WF page.

The price initially announced was 39,990 Yen, but the updated price from Volk's WF page showed 25,200 Yen (inclusive of tax) instead. A huge re-pricing strategy? ^^; But one thing for certain, this will still be a Wonder Festival limited merchandise, so folks, if you're interested, you'll have to find a way to get to that event to purchase this kit (or ask your friend to do so for you).