Friday, December 11, 2009

Evangelion Piggy Bank & New Break Blade Characters Announced

Apart from sport shoes and motorbike helmet, we now have Evangelion piggy bank ... ^^

... which has a security lock inside its head with Kanji button captions ^^

Those who can't read Kanji better think twice about using this product, else your money might be confiscated inside Eva Unit-1's head forever XD

This is actually "Saving-ing" (貯金ing) Evangelion Eva Unit-1 from Runatown Dotcom.

Not a regular release, interested fans need to pre-order it from the website, and the pre-order period has started since yesterday (December 10th).

Mid January 2010 release, 5,040 Yen (inclusive of tax).

Images are from Mainichi and Runatown Dotcom.

On a separate note, two new female characters announced for "Break Blade":

(From left) Cleo (? - クレオ), Narvi (? - ナルヴィ)

No details about these two characters yet.

Images are from the official blog.