Sunday, December 06, 2009

Gunpla 30th Anniversary Official Site Updated

The official site of Gunpla 30th Anniversary has been completely revamped.

The section I find most interesting is the introduction on Club MG announced back in early November. ^^

As mentioned in this previous posting, after registering as a member of Club MG, you can enter the "Gunpla Number" on the website and earn points.

One point for each "Gunpla Number" entered. However, during the opening campaign of Club MG (January 1st - 31st), you will get double point instead.

20 points will earn you a "Bronze Medal"; 40 points, "Silver Medal" and 60 points, "Gold Medal". If you have 60 MGs that come with that Gunpla Number Card as shown above, you would be a Lieutenant General already? XD

Then again, I'm not sure if this is open to international fans, but if it is, it's still not going to be easy for many as the site is in Japanese ^^;

Images are from the official site.