Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Banpresto's Gundam & Macross F Prize Items for January

January is a very lonely month for Banpresto's Gundam prize item set. Only one is scheduled to be released. ^^;

Another four sets from Macross Frontier helps to share the loneliness. ^^;

Gundam Bonds of the Battlefield Assembly Type Collectible Figures

All 4 types featuring Ground Type Gundam, GM Sniper II, Zaku Tank and Gelgoog (High Mobility Type). 8cm tall each without the base.

Mid January release.

Macross F Fighter Display Vol. 3 Ita-Fighter ver.

Decal applied via "silk-printing". All 2 types featuring VF-25G Michael's unit featuring Klan Klein and VF-25F Alto's Unit Sheryl Ver. 13cm in length each.

Mid January release.

Macross F Key Chain Figures Vol. Luca

All 5 types featuring Nanase, Ranka, Luca, Sheryl and Ai-kun. 5cm tall each

Mid January release.

Macross F DX Assembly Type Figures Special Color Ver.

All 2 types featuring Klan Klein and Ranka Lee. Hair and swimsuits are painted in special bright colors. Display base is included. 16cm tall each.

Late January release.

Macross F Character Plush Ranka Lee's Selection

All 3 types featuring Ai-kun, Nyan-Nyan figure, and Ranka's cellphone with Ozma Lee's insignia. 14cm tall each.

Late January release.

Images are from Banpresto.