Sunday, January 03, 2010

T.M. Revolution X Gundam SEED Gunpla 30th Anniversary New Song

Update on T.M. Revolution's upcoming Gundam music compilation mentioned in late December.

The title of the release is "T.M.R. X Gundam SEED Special Collaborative Project". A total of 6 songs will be included (not in order):

* "Invoke" (Gundam SEED first phase opening theme)
* "Meteor" (Gundam SEED insert song)
* "Zips" (Gundam SEED MSV theme song)
* "Ignited" (Gundam SEED Destiny Stage 1 opening theme)
* "Vestige" (Gundam SEED Destiny theme song)
* "Imaginary Ark" (Gunpla 30th Anniversary official theme song) [NEW]

The price of the regular release is 2,200 Yen (inclusive of tax). There will also be two types of limited first batch prizes included as well, with different prices for each bundled set:

Type A: Special Gunpla Box - HG 1/144 Westenfluss's Customized Destiny Gundam & special sticker sheet included. 4,150 Yen (inclusive of tax).

Type B: 2-Disc DVD set & illustrated artwork of Heine Westenfluss and Miguel Aiman. 3,150 Yen (inclusive of tax).

Release date is March 24th.

Image is from this previous posting.

So T.M. Revolution will sing the official theme song for Gunpla 30th Anniversary. Let's hope we get to listen to it soon. ^^

Information is from Sony Music.