Friday, February 05, 2010

Volks' Limited A3 F-14D Tomcat & EF-2000 Typhoon for Wonder Festival 2010 [Winter]

Volks announces another two limited items for this year's Wonder Festival Winter edition: A3 (Advanced System of Action Arms) Senjutsuki Limited F-14D Tomcat and Limited EF-2000 Typhoon.

A3 2010 Limited 01 U.S. Navy (米国海軍) Senjutsuki F-14D Tomcat

The weapons and accessories included are the same as the regular version, but paint scheme has been changed from gray to brown. A new skull insignia is added to the left shoulder armor as well.

Event price: 6,825 Yen (inclusive of tax) - same price as the regular version.

A3 2010 Limited 02 European Alliance Force (欧州連合軍) Senjutsuki EF-2000 Typhoon

Paint scheme has been change from light blue to black. Many weapons from the regular version are excluded as well.

Event price: 6,825 Yen (inclusive of tax) - 1,000 Yen less than the regular version.

Wonder Festival 2010 [Winter] will be held on this Sunday (February 7th) at Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex Hall 1 to 8. Volks' booth is E-13.

All images are from Volks: F-14D Tomcat, EF-2000 Typhoon.