Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ichiban Kuji Compact Prize Item Set May Release

After the previous figurine, action figure and deformed character set, Banpresto announced a new set of prize items for Evangelion New Theatrical Ver., which features mainly stationery instead.

This new set is called "Ichiban Kuji Compact Evangelion New Theatrical Ver.". All 6 categories, 11 types plus one Double Chance Campaign special prize.

Type A: Shiny piggy bank - 1 type. 18cm tall.

Piggy bank with lighting gimmick. When a coin is dropped into the container, the light will fade downward slowly, simulating the effect of a floating coin.

Type B: Notepad with cover - All 2 types. A4-sized.

Has a luxurious leather-like cover.

Type C: Paper tape - All 4 types. 4cm wide.

With font face and image design from the world of Evangelion.

Type D: Sticker note [Nerv model] - All 2 types. 10cm wide.

In hexagonal cut.

Type E: Supplementary plastic case - 1 type. 17cm tall.

Transparent storage case with designs of the medicine bag and infusion as seem om Evangelion.

Type F: Synchro notepad with cover - All 3 types. 18cm wide.

Featuring the impressive scenes from the movie. The paper cover of the notebook is "synchronized" with the clear cover.

Double Chance Campaign special prize: Limited Notepad with cover

Type B Notepad with cover in the color of "Secret Dead Sea Scrolls" (裏死海文書).

Mid May release, 400 Yen each (inclusive of tax).

Images are from Ichiban Kuji.