Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Interview with HGUC Gundam UC Developer

Gundamer Dotcom has a very interesting interview with Mr. Baba (馬場), the planning and development team leader for the HGUC Gunpla series on HGUC Gundam UC series. Some of the interesting points are as below:

- HGUC Gundam UC series is under development before the OVA is announced.

- The popular units from the OVA and novel will be included as HGUC releases. Design of a particular MS may vary between the OVA and novel, so it's hard to tell at the moment if the design of the Gunpla will be aligned to what appeared from the story published.

- Design of the model aims to achieve a balance between the setting from the OVA and novel. The configuration is from the novel, but certain features are omitted for the simpler anime design.

- Certain gimmicks of a MS in the story are often omitted for the HGUC release because the plamo series is meant for easy assembly. As long as the unit's image is not damaged, only the important features are emphasized.

- HGUC Kshatriya was released first before Unicorn Gundam because the latter has a MG version released prior to the HGUC version.

- HGUC Unicorn Gundam was released in two modes to keep the number of parts and price low, and the assembly method easier.

Images are from this previous posting.

- Usage of ABS and PS parts takes into consideration whether there's a need to paint the parts, and whether strength of holding a certain component is important. Geara Zulu and Unicorn Gundam uses no ABS parts, but ReZEL uses them - for important joints such as the elbow and parts for the transformation. However, these parts are designed to be covered up by other parts.

- The most challenging model to design is Stark Jegan, as the principle design of Jegan was out when "Char's Counterattack" series was running in the HGUC. The designer has problem balancing the proportion between the original Jegan and the new design from the anime.

- Loto was originally intended to be released individually at 1,000 Yen. It's designed with a military model sense to it. ABS parts are incorporated for the strength of the joints.

- Mr. Baba is a Gunpla fan himself. And as someone who is married and has to work during the day, he finds ease of assembly - able to complete a model in one or two hours to be a very important aspect of Gunplas.

Information is from Gundamer Dotcom.