Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sci-fi Revoltech Booska & Baragon Preview

A preview on these two upcoming Sci-fi Revoltech action figures:

No. 003 Booska - 125mm tall.

The fur on the body is produced with fine sculpture and painting. The colors are accurately reproduced based on existing data - Booska was in black and white when first appeared.

Mouth can be opened.

The crown on the head can be removed.

Ears can move, via ball joint

A special tool is included to help you to move the eyes, enabling Booska to show more expressions than in its TV series.

Tail can be moved at the base, can be replaced with an option type with a tortoise on it.

Details of the ramen

No. 004 Baragon - 110mm tall (on two feet), 200mm long (on four feet)

Head sculpture and skin texture is produced by Matsumura Shinobu, master of animal figure designer whose figures are exhibited in museums.

Can be posed standing on two legs or crawling on four legs.

Ears can be moved to show the monster resting or in active state

Mouth can be opened, the neck has a wide range of articulation, and the horn on the head is made of clear part, to project the image of it can light up.

Tail and elbow can be bent

Diorama set included: lodge x1, tree (large x1, small x1), horse x1, stand for horse x1.

May 1st release, 2,850 Yen each (inclusive of tax).

Images are from Hobby Stock: No. 003 Booska, No. 004 Baragon.