Monday, April 12, 2010

SD Sangokuden Anime Series Episode 3 to 6 Intro

Introduction of "SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors" TV anime series episode 3 to 6:

Episode 3 (April 17th): For the People (民のために)
Ryubi Gundam, Chouhi Gundam, Kan-U Gundam meets Sonsaku Gundam and Sousou Gundam in their pursuit over the forces of the Yellow Scarves.

Episode 4 (April 24th): Assassin (暗殺者)
Toutaku Zaku defeated the emperor Reitei Gundam (霊帝ガンダム) and stole the Gyokuji (玉璽).

Episode 5 (May 1st): The Gathering of the Warriors (群雄集結)
Ryubi Gundam goes to join Sousou Gundam's coalition force against Toutaku Zaku.

Episode 6 (May 8th): The Target is Korou Fortress (目標は虎牢関)
The coalition force marches against the impregnable Korou Fortress. Sonken's forces meets Kayuu Zanneck (華雄ザンネック), Toutaku Zaku's top warrior.

While it's just around 10 minutes per episode, the series is pretty fast paced. ^^ In less than 10 episodes, it's already building up towards the climatic battle in "Gathering of the Heroes Chapter" from the Plamo series. ^^

"SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors" is shown on TV Tokyo series from 10.15 till 10.30AM every Saturday.

Information is from SD Gundam Org. Image is from this previous posting.